What does the term “MIXOLOGIST” mean?
Here in L.A., this term gets thrown around a lot, with very little tangible meaning behind it.
Simply put, a Mixologist is an advanced level bartender who is recognized as a true “ENTHUSIAST” in our trade. We identify a Mixologist as a certified, high-level bartender who actively appreciates and engages in the challenges of In our view, a Mixologist stands out because of their continued education in our field, and for their ARTISTIC PERSONALITY when serving our guests.


When you get a Mixologist from SoCal Bartender, you will get a true BRAND AMBASSADOR who has advanced certification and instruction directly from the manufacturer, distributor, or brewery itself. For example, any given Mixologist from our company might have Brand Ambassador status from Patron (c) Tequila, from Maker’s Mark (c) Bourbon, and from Samuel Adams (c) craft beer brewery. The difference is even more noticeable when dealing with vintage wines.

Our competitors staff their companies with bartenders who are primarily limited to restaurant, club, or hotel experience, and that’s fine, but if you want something MORE, then we are the only company that you need to call.


Our clients certainly seem to think so. Our Mixologist bartenders are definitely the Superstars of L.A. You’ll see them at the Grammy Awards, the Oscar Awards, the Country Music Awards, the Playboy Mansion, and many other exclusive events where true experts are needed.

Why not insist on having the BEST for your party or event. We will guarantee a SPECTACULAR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE for your guests.

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